Reach the 2.5 billion people on earth with

the "Good News" of the kingdom.  Provide

videos that will help tell the "good news"

and some vital health information for

remote villages.​​



Over 1/3 of the world has never heard

the "Good News" of the bible one time.

Now is the time to share this news with

the world.


see the vision


​  download the power point here

Action Evangelism is working with KOLO group from Orlando, Florida.  Pictures and videos are from  Translations of the bible and "Jesus Film" are provided by KOLO group for our "smart phones" and the many dialects. Also some vital health information

for remote villages will be on the player.

Gatther used "smart phones" from friends

and neighbors. Attach solar panels on

the back to charge phones where there

is no electricity. Distribute them to

​remote villages of the world.